The Buffer.

So a few weeks ago I started building a buffer of posts that I have written but am waiting to publish. The theory is that I can use this buffer to wait-out any dry-spells created by my odd and tempermental travel schedule or by writer's block.

I've decided that nothing is quite so pathetic as a well-written or interesting blog that just goes-away because the author leaves off posting for a week and then feels guilty about coming back. It's anathema to a dedicated readership. Hopefully I'll still be able to access the internet daily over the rest of the summer and so even when I don't have time to write update, I can just publish one sitting in the buffer.

It also allows me to encourage more variety in the blog content. My life tends to happen in tight groupings. For example, due to a change in schedule I was able to watch 8 movies this week. That's a lot of movies. So I wrote reactions to a couple (About Riddick already ran), and this way I can use the buffer to spread them out, so I'm not talking about just movies for a week, then not mentioning them for a month. Hopefully the variety will allow my writing to entertain more people each day who might otherwise get bored if I kept up my Gene Siskel impression for too long.

Wait, my Siskel impression would really suck. Cause then I wouldn't post at all. I'd just lay real still. [Ba Dum Bump!] Ok, that wasn't funny. If you're a member of Mr. Siskel's family, please accept my apologies.

Anyway. . . for now I'm trying to make it a habit to write two posts per day, minimum, so hopefully by the time this post actually gets published the buffer will have twenty or more posts in it.

[From Day of Publishing: The buffer of drafted posts is up through the 17th of July, and most of them are just awaiting a final edit.]

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


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