Emotional Upswing.

To discover the definition of Emotional Upswing, follow this recipe:


1 Depressed College Graduate
14.6 gigabyte+ MP3 collection that spans continents and genres.
1 pair standard headphones.

Step 1) Put on Headphones.

Step 2) Queue up Johnny Cash's Hurt into an existing playlist made up primarily of eastern european and russian techno-trip. Listen to it.

Step 3) Realize when the song ends that it was queued up directly in front of O-Zone's Dragostea Din Tei.

Step 4) Experience Emotional Upswing.

Step 5) Commence with the Numa Numa dance.

For the record: there are parodies, but the only one worth anything is probably Tom and Vince's parody from EJ.

For the record, Gary: I don't know if you will ever manage to stumble across my humble blog or not, but, well, I think you did something awesome. I think the video is great and I think that, unlike Ghyslain, you did this of your own free will because you thought it was cool, and you're right. It is cool. I can't help wanting to join you in the dance every time I hear the song.

(And the people that compare you to William Hung are also off base. You've got way more rythm than William. William has his own special brand of quirky going on, but this is something far more subversive.)

Bravo, Gary. Bravo.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


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