Family runs deeper than Blood.

Ok, so now the update system works.

go figure.

To repeat what I said in the 'update' edited into the last post:

I got a letter from John today. He's my brother, after a fashion. He's in Bandah Aceh doing relief work for the Tsunami. It sounds horrible to say it but I'm wired up to be in places like that, and it is killing me that I'm here. I asked him to call for me in my last e-mail, and hopefully when he reads it he'll tell me who to contact to start the process of going there. I need to be involved in something like that. My life these past months has become completely devoid of any depth or purpose. Maybe spending some time doing something that matters will help me.

I sure hope so.

If I were to have a long-lost twin from whom I was seperated at birth, there are days that John would be it. It's scary the ways we realized we were similar while we were roommates last year. I miss him a lot. Of course I miss the other boys too, Justin and Jesse and William and Sean too, if I reach farther back into memory. But John I seem to miss most of all.

May God protect you John. May his blessings be upon you. And may I see you again soon, and I say that though we are surrounded by the devastation of the end of days itself, there will be joy in our reunion.

Sometimes "Family" runs deeper than blood.

Friday, January 28, 2005


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