Behind the Masks

To my 312 buddy: if you don't want this left up, drop me a note or an e-mail and I'll take it down.

There are some things going down over at Behind the Masks, that, if you're a student of humanity, you might find intriguing. The Author of BTM and I have known each other for several years.

In a lot of ways we're opposite sides of similar coins. We aquire the same degrees but I go crazy while I'm getting it, but have a great plan for what I'll do with it in the long run. BTM knows exactly what to aquire, but hasn't a clue what to do with the degree after getting out.

The author is a good person, and a strong leader, and the writing is taking place in a space that is marginally anonymous (as anonymous as any blog is, really), and so it reveals some strength of character and some wisedom that the writing is what it is.

I'm not saying "Hey, go read the work over there because it is 100% brilliant" or "Hey, my friend needs readers!" or anything like that. I just think that if you've been reading here for very long, you're probably intrigued by a certain blend of exposition, introspection, and exploration, and I think that is happening at Behind the Masks right now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


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