If you could dream yourself into a new life

"If you could dream yourself into a new life, would you?"

A question I posed to a girl I know.

Imagine that your life is like a chalk-picture in the park. Mary Poppins gives you the option of jumping from picture to picture. Climb out of one a little bit dusty, and clamber into the next. Keep on until you find one that suits you.

Would you do it? Would you keep climbing in-and-out of your dreams until you found a life you dreamt close-enough-to-perfect?

Maybe all you want is a life where you didn't break that vase in 4th grade. A life where your mother said she loved you every day. What about a life where you never told that one boyfriend who failed you so badly that you hated him and never wanted to see him again? Does a life where daddy never left tug at your heartstrings enough to make you cry?

Or would you start to sacrifice the little things to make the searching less long and less painful? Would you settle for one where you didn't scream at him quite so much? Perhaps a life where your mother hugged you more often would satisfy. Maybe it would be okay if daddy just came back after a few months and said he was sorry.

Would any of them still be your life? Is this newness and difference from your current universe attainable?

Would you dream it into vibrance and fullness so powerfully that it would become your life, and become everything you were and are and will be?

Could you dream such a life for those around you? For yourself? Can we dream such lives for one another?

Would you sacrifice the little memories for the big picture? Would you believe in demons and ghosts and hate and pain so that you knew what Angels really looked like?

Dream your life around you.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


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