It rained today.


My diary just ate my post. If I wasn't helping my roommate give up swearing for lent. . .oh, the earful you would get!

My life is falling apart.

I'm so far behind I'm not even sure where I'm supposed to be.

Lets see, shall we?

Assignments for 312: Didn't turn in Tuesday's homework. Didn't attend today's lab.

Mechatronics: Didn't turn in the last homework (due last Friday) probably won't get the next one done, and it's due next Tuesday.

Computer Architecture: skipping class tonight, probably won't finish the homework that is due. There's a test next week. I don't care.

Lab Assistant position: I have a massive number of lab papers to grade, hopefully by Tuesday morning they will all be done, but when am I planning to do them? While I'm home on Sunday? HA!

FE exam: The deadline to register is March 1st, and I haven't even started preparing yet, and the fee to enter? $125 that I don't have. I have to go home and beg money from my parents. How sickening is that?

Lord's Players: still have turn the test CD into a finalized CD and make a dozen copies.

Independent study class? I'm supposed to have a working camera driver this week. I haven't even started on the work. I don't even have a testbed set up. I have nothing!

Senior design: I made commitments about finishing senior design aspects for the team that will be taking it up next year, I haven't even touched it yet.

Personal life? Missing some clothes I need. Broke, and need to buy shoes (@#$*!) and miss my girlfriend terribly.

Graduate applications? Still haven't sent out the letters requesting a shift from this fall to spring or fall 2005 for the applications for admissions. Still haven't talked to professors about letters of recommendation.

Falling apart? My life doesn't have two pieces left side by side that can fall apart.

And yet I'm supposed to be the strong one for everybody else.

Thursday, February 26, 2004


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