Alchohol is cheap? Who knew?

2004-02-22 - 10:17 a.m.

So a bunch of us got together recently and relaxed a little. Some of us drinking, some abstaining, everybody just letting the stress and annoyance and energy of another week of school slide away into the relaxed atmosphere of friends being friends.

Games played, dinner served, drinks poured, laughter made, jokes cracked.

The moment needs no addition, yet in the middle of it all I still find myself missing her. Good friends are enough for that evening, yet they would be so much sweeter if she were near.

But back to my story.

We're all sitting around, some of us have been enjoying the mellow effects of a few cocktails and at least one member of the crew isn't prepared to be standing or skipping anytime soon. We're playing Catchphrase. Of all games, this is a great one for this kind of evening, if you want to keep a handful of really bad inside-jokes that become entirely "you had to be there!" based later.

Anyway, we're playing catchphrase, and the one entirely sober member is sitting there. The person suggesting clues has had a couple drinks, but nothing serious.

The person suggesting says hurredly "Ok, this is the thing that King Arthur lived in!"

And the sober guy shouts "LANCELOT!" with utmost confidence.

Ah, it is moments like these that cannot be scripted. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2004


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