If you're lonely you can talk to me.


Dozing is good. Being dragged from your doze by a person you love on the phone is arguably better.

What does it mean to belong? I've been debating that one lately. Is there a perfect spot into which each of us fits within communities, societies, and circles of friends? Or do we have to carve out our own space via hard work and assertiveness? Must we make others appreciate us for who we are, or should we just keep looking until we find the group where we fit?

And if we're supposed to just keep looking. . .will we ever be satisfied, or will we always feel just a little bit 'too different' to fit in with the crowd?

If we are supposed to carve out the space for ourselves. . .won't inhabiting it always feel just a little forced? Like perhaps we've put in too much effort and things aren't going to work out in a way that allows us to really be comfortable or feel needed?

What if I feel as if I belong, but those around me don't feel the same way about me? Or don't feel the same way about themselves?

And why are we all so freaking insecure?

Friday, February 20, 2004


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