Will you still call me superman?

Yesterday was a good day.

I wound up playing Dutch Blitz for a long time. Remembered some good memories from home, and being young, and playing games with my family.

I hope that if I ever have children, we play games together more often than we watch whatever will pass for television in the future. There's something pure about just focusing on a game that only involves a small circle of friends.

We played in the cafeteria, and probably frightened most of the people around us. Dutch Blitz can get a little loud. . .and, uh, mean. :)

Aside from that? I wore my new clothes (Club Room jeans fit well? Who knew?), and I like them.

Now to get to work, preparing for another three day onslaught from hell.

Remind me again why I wanted four day weekends?

Monday, February 23, 2004


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