Welcome in from the Road.

I'm sorry I waxed so poetic at the end of that previous entry. I'll try to keep the politics out of my writing from here on. Don't worry, the road gets whimsical soon--on Friday, you get to see a picture of me at a baseball game with a plastic bag on my head.

This is a welcome notice. Some of you haven't read my personal blog in a long time, or only read it sporadically. Some of you didn't know I *HAD* a personal blog until just now. Some of you read it religiously, or have just done the smart and lazy thing and added it to your RSS reader or personal Google page.

To all of you, hi. I ask only that you read what I write here with patience, and know that I don't write here so that I can talk about things, I expressly write here the things I often do not want to discuss.

A couple of things to remember:
1) I'm probably not writing about you.

2) sometimes I write fiction, prose, or poetry here that is completely unrelated to my life.

3) A lot of my writing here is just IT, digital rights, or engineering commentary. It'll be boring. Sorry. It interests me, so I expound on it sometimes. In general, the technology and politics posts are about the only ones I'll be happy to discuss with you in person, or via e-mail.

As to the rest, I appreciate it if my reader has the good sense to let sleeping dogs lie.

Saturday, June 27, 2009