Fuck you, Penguin

So I'm sure most of you are familiar with I can has cheezburger. I'm a moderate fan. I also follow Pundit Kitchen and Failblog via the same source.

However, sometimes you have to take a stand against impossibly cute pictures of cats. Or puppies. Or presidents. Or whatever.

I mean, let's be clear: That puppy will grow up to maul a child, or eat his own poop. Those cats? Those bastards can't even write--they're functionally illiterate. And our president? He just made up 830 BILLION DOLLARS so he could infuse it into our economy, because what we really need is another dose of magical fairy money to keep the house of cards shored up for 8 years, and then it can be someone else's problem.

So yeah, in the spirit of cynicism, spite, and angst, I present you with my favourite new cute blog: Fuck you, Penguin.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009