Picasa now Alailable in Porblem edition.

So, Picasa is broken. More specifically, Picasa for Linux is broken, but since I use linux almost exclusively on my personal computers, and the only thing I brought with me to Asia on this trip was a Asus EEE running Easy Peasy, Linux is all I have to work with.

It does a fair job managing files, but there are bugs strewn throughout its upload manager. Trying to get it to upload things is turning into a real pain in the ass. I need to use it to upload things because the built in uploader in Blogger has apparently decided that Hong Kong is just too far away and uploading things is hard work, so now it refuses to accept any images.

Thankfully, due to flaws in the Youtube upload system (that make it simply impossible to directly upload on Linux), I had already discovered Firefox Universal Uploader. It's a badass little program that runs as a firefox extension in its own tab.

While not completely bug free, it's the best solution I can find for handling uploads to these kinds of sites, and it does a fantastic job interfacing with Picasa's web albums, much better than Picasa itself.

Sunday, June 07, 2009