I'm tired. I'm tired of being the focal point. I'm tired of people either thinking they have to do everything for me or they shouldn't do anything for me.

I'm tired of always being the one who gets people together for dinner. Tired of being the one who has to remind people to do dishes or laundry. Tired of being the one who is on the road for 100 days a year and still comes home to a messy house and a calendar empty save for the events I create. Tired of being the one who knows everyone's phone number, and never hears back about what is being planned.

Last year a friend called me and invited me to join him for a barbeque. It might have been the greatest gift anybody gave me all year--just an event that I was asked to attend, but for which I was absolutely not responsible.

Hey friends of mine, Want to give me something memorable? invite me into your lives, instead of just expecting that I'll catch you up in the whirlwind that is my own.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009