I didn't intend to post this morning. I still have to unpack for the week of test review, I have equipment to set up and preparations to make.

But I checked my internet this morning (I do this the way my father reads the newspape--thoroughly but only for the sections that interest me) and everything was normal.

Until two minutes ago, when I read the facebook profile of a new friend--California.

She has an application called "ten second interview" in her sidebar, which just asks you goofy little questions and you quickly type in short responses.

I find such information intriguing and often it endears me to a person by letting me imagine that in using my intuition I'm learning more about them than other people know, but it rarely has any effect on my mindset as I read. Today though, my heart stuck high in my throat when I read this one.

Quick! Make up a new name for a country:

When that is the thought at the forefront of your mind, every moment, every day, what is life like? When you can almost taste that need--so that it seems to leap to the page with a clatter of clicking keys as soon as your eye has lit upon the end of the sentence, how do you focus on anything else?

I don't know, but I'm going to ask her, next chance I get.

Monday, April 14, 2008