I love my friends.

As a reaction to my last couple of outbursts here, a few of my real life friends have written me to express concern and say they are willing to help if need be. I appreciate this, and it's been nice to see them do it in a way that's low key and relaxed, without digging for details or trying to get information on drama they don't need to know the down-and-dirty about.

By far, however, the best response I've gotten so far came from a close friend. It made me smile, and it seemed so perfect I had to transcribe it and post it here.

"Hey man it's [Chaplain Blue], uh, I scanned your web log and I had some cause for concern.

Your first post was kinda angry and I got that, and the second post was a lot more angry, it seemed like, and a lot more out there.

And. . .I don't really need a why or a how or a story or a 'he-said-she-said', just let me know I'm not gonna see your ass on CNN.com or the ten o'clock news and I'll be ok.

Hope whatever it is that's stressing you out gets taken care of and you can go back to being normal.

Otherwise I guess I'll talk to you later, bye."

Anyway, it brightened my evening and I thought y'all would enjoy it.

For those of you that are wondering if I've started taking Soma--I haven't. As you may recall, I'm an introvert, and I haven't really gotten time alone since before Christmas. It's no wonder I was bordering on homicidal earlier. So my current upswing in temperament is the result of a recently completed 30 hour holiday from people of all types, and I'm feeling about a million times better. Now my happy, introvert ass is going to get some writing done, and then get to sleep. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

Monday, February 18, 2008