Lots of people haven't found me yet.

Interesting, innit?

Lots of people that I expected to stumble across this on their own by now appearantly have not discovered it (or they are doing a damn good job of playing stupid. If so, go them! As the regulars all know, I don't like knowing that people I consider friends read what I write).

I appreciate the sensation of anonymity that is provided for me by this ignorance, and realize that it helps maintain my integrity as a writer.

In addition, I am twice as aware of people's reactions in the window directly after the time they notify me that they have discovered it.

However, I'm also (I find) more likely to choose to try to overcome my aversion by writing about things that I have second-thoughts about, since I know those are things I would have written freely about before.

Interesting mental games we play, as writers.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


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