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So I worked a decent Friday. Actually, I worked a really good Friday. The bartender and I put $9,00+ across the bar, and we guess another $1,000 or more across the service counter to the wait staff. With two bartenders working, we both walked out with $130+ in tips for a single nights work.

Not bad for the first time we've had live music and advertised it since I started there, and the first real "Friday hangout" night we've done.

Of course, we closed around 2AM, and I'm just winding down now (3:30) but. . . hey, the money is good and the restaurant seems to be doing well, which I think is probably the best thing. It looks like this will become my regular weekend schedule.

I'm exhausted. I ate around 1PM, and then had nothing but coffee, nicotine, and some water and juice until we finished around 1:30AM (that's 13.5 hours, kiddies!), then I had some dried apricots and croutons. I know my feet are going to be killing me tomorrow night and my thumb is already logging it's injury via pain (I slammed it in a cooler lid that wasn't shutting properly. It is already turning a bit purple in one spot. Yay.).

Tomorrow I'm going to have to get there early, before we officially open, to check and see what liquors we need, then make a buying run, then set up to do it all over again tomorrow, with an even more well-known duo (Ziggy and Joe of Ziggy and The Zigtones! Word!) and a different co-bartender. It should be a lot of fun.

On the plus side, one of my managers is sortof distracted (he's got a big event this weekend unrelated to the place) which means I get a chance to prove myself as a bartender without him making me nervous and looking for flaws in my methods. If tomorrow goes as well as tonight did, I think maybe I'll have finally earned a thimblefull of respect. Now if I can just get through the next month without spilling it, maybe I won't want to quit every two days. . .

Saturday, February 05, 2005


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