Car Trouble

I'm out of debt.

Every penny I make now is my own. A dream realized.

Life is better.

My Jeep (Chetter) is dying. I feel bad for him, but for right now I'm also kindof helpless to do anything.

Combine that with my monther's van's transmission going out, and you've got a three car family with three independent schedules working off 1.5 cars.

This is a bad thing.

And while we're on the subject of motor vehicles, I present a short, overwritten and blustery rant.

To the driver of the Burgundy Conversion Dodge Ram Van with North Carolina Tag 101449:

The "passing lane" is called a passing lane because people who travel at higher speeds (like me) use it to 'pass' people traveling at lower speeds (like you). Moving to the 'passing lane' and then sitting there with your speed matched to the 18-wheeler to your right is foolhardy and makes me presume that you're inbred, ignorant, and generally a waste of good oxygen and citizenship.

In addition, in many states it is illegal to pass on the right, and thus I attempt to avoid doing so at all costs, especially in heavy traffic. That you are not aware of this and did to proceed to move to the right lane as soon as possible after the aforementioned 18wheeler finally decelerated further justifies my belief that your license should be revoked and your vehicle given to the poor and needy, who will probably use it as housing.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


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