And you thought YOUR life was weird.

Seriously though, why is it that I end so many of my posts in questions? What is my obession with the unkown or (often) unknowable?

Change in direction: So, you thought your life was weird?

A gay man tried to set me up on a blind date with a straight (female) law student tonight. And I think I might have let him.

Try this on for size: I had a sortof quasi-regular of mine come in tonight. I'll call him Bobby (not his real name). He is very, very gay (on a scale of one to ten, Bobby's scale just shrieks and bursts into flames). He's a nice guy though, with a good sense of humour and a quick intellect. He reminds me very much actually of a roommate I had last year.

Anyway, Bobby is cool. But he comes in with 'George', a friend of his. They're both fruity as nutcakes, but I don't think they're dating, I think they're dating other people. Anyway, while they're there, George sets me up to get an e-mail from some girl, who has just moved down here and doesn't know anybody, and for some reason asked the two of them to find her a date. As george put it "We don't know any straight boys. But you're cute, so why not you?"

I find this argument distressingly compelling. Why not me? I'm just some random bartending bum, but I can keep up, intellectually at least, with a 23 or 24 yr. old Judge's clerk with a law degree. I must admit it sounds kindof intriguing.

So now George has my e-mail address (at least, the one I route all spam and junk through and check maybe weekly), and is supposedly going to get this e-mail address to the girl, who will write me.

We'll see.

[hindsight-o-matic: she never contacted me.]

In any case, that just serves as proof that my life is stranger than yours.

So there.

Ha! I didn't even end with a question. Wasn't that refreshing?


Tuesday, October 26, 2004


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