[Soapbox] Voting.


My apologies for pontificating when I owe you, dear reader, something more substantial and less clear. My normal melodramatic musically oriented and infuriatingly vague ramblings will be resumed soon, I'm sure.

For now, a quick heads up for anyone voting in a state that uses electronic voting machines, especially my fellow Georgians: If you're planning to vote, VOTE ABSENTEE.

If you have time (about 20 minutes), read this excellent article (How to Steal an Election by Hacking the Vote) from Ars Technica.

If you're too lazy to learn about the election process on which your democracy is based. . . please don't vote on Tuesday, it'll make my vote count more.

However, if you're curious for a short summary of the article before you click through, here's the upshot.

Voting machines are completely fucked, and the one we use in Georgia is the most thoroughly fucked of all. There's a good chance your vote won't even be registered, or it might be tossed out, or, in the event of an audit, lost altogether. There's no paper trail, no accountability, and no security.

If you aren't concerned yet, and you don't think you have twenty minutes to avail yourself of vitally important data about the digital democractic process: please consider not voting on Tuesday. I don't want you ignorant lazy asshats dicking about with the results.

Thursday, November 02, 2006