Why I haven't been posting lately. . . [News]

Ok, so this isn't a valid entry either. Sorry guys.

Part of the reason I haven't posted this month is that I've been very busy with new job/new home/new bank/new hobby, etc.

But more than that, Lorelei, my faithful companion, has been dead to the world and completely offline for the last month due to the peculiar setup we're currently using.

[Coax->Cable Modem->USB->PC1->USB->Ethernet->PC2] turns out to be several jumps too many, so with Windows Internet Connection Sharing properly stymied, Lorelei has simply been offline. This means that my music collection and my internet surfing are divorced from one another. Normally I never surf without my music, and it doesn't take long before a song hooks me (or I think of a specific one I want and cue it up) and from there the process of song/essay interleaving is really quite easy*. However, without my music collection, the odds that I'll actually write a 'normal' interleaved post are pretty minimal, even though I've lately had good ideas for several that I'm looking forward to writing.

So I've been letting this space lie derelict for a time. But fear not, the end is nigh! The end of the drought, anyway. I'm going to be moving again in about three weeks, and when that happens I'll be online from a new computer, in a new place, and will begin to rebuild Lorelei, but with significant upgrades to her entire system. In fact, I might even be forced to re-christen her. I'd rather not, but we'll see.

In any case, expect 'normal' operation (or what passes for it around here) to resume in a month or so. Until then, my posts will be mostly snippets like that last one about the quizzes.

*: hit single-song repeat, type what comes to mind, lather, rinse, repeat until all lyrics have been exhausted.

Monday, April 24, 2006