Bohemian bourgeois

[Note about the delay: I lied. Sorry. I really did intend to update, and then something (mercy or pity, maybe) stayed my hand. In place of the essay I thought you were getting, you're getting this one instead. Deal.]

It turns out I'm bohemian.

This came as something as a shock to me. When I think of people deserving of the title I think of scruffy, rebellious artist-types with passionate eyes, bright scarves, fingerless gloves and an faint scent of opium still hovering about their ears.

So imagine my surprise when I decided it was high time I learned the official definition, and found these:


"1. A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior."

Well damn, says I. That sounds like yours truely with a capital T.

And alternatively a couple more

"3.       a. A Gypsy.
            b. An itinerant person; a vagabond."

Now that sounds peculiarly similar too, doesn't it?

Curious then. And it turns out (while we're on the subject of obscure B words coined over 60 years ago) that I'm Bourgeois as well, since that merely means the property owning portion of the middle class, and I am that also, or will be at the end of next month.

Curious, these two words are not ones I thought applied to me. Turns out they do.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006