Testing a Concept.

So, I found this 'tag tracker' a few months ago called .

That's a test link of their "tag" System. I want to see what it does and how it actually works. The theory is that you can tag posts as you go and their system uses an intelligent grouping and listing system to allow people to check for recent posts on a given tag topic from all over the blogverse. This sort of system allows for the tracking of a specific topic for personal reasons, or just to track blogstorms or the publishing public's opinions on a topic. Pretty sweet, if it works.

Link straight to their main page can be found here.

I've been tossing around the idea of how public I'm going to go with this place, and I'm actually getting to the point where I'm tempted to push it to a consistent post-a-day with several public points of entry and let the crowds in. Right now the daily readership is low (and I don't blame them, following two months of near-silence during my travels in Europe).

I'm hitting a stride in my writing (a lot of it isn't landing here) and I'm starting to hit a point where I enjoy the writing enough that I might actually toss it out here to be mangled by the critics in a comment system. Thas' right kiddos, you might be able to talk back in this space soon! I'm sure you're already drooling for a piece of the action.

Well, in any case, here goes a test of the Technocrati tag system. Lets all go see if the post pops up?

[Hindsight-O-Matic: I'll be damned! It worked!]

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


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