Bloom Posted by Hello

There is music and laughter lately
and there's prayers and praise there
are reasons to be so happy and beliefs to embrace
there are times to be so angry I'd rather lie in the sun
It's the summer of my lifetime
I've been blessed with some fun

I'm a season past springtime
and my life has gone boom
keep my eyes on the Father
everything is in bloom
- "Memoir" by Audio Adrenaline

Sometimes I still get this stirring feeling, that despite all the weirdness and cynicism and honesty and hate and rage and pain, there might be something out there for me on the other side of the ridge. Not love, and not happiness, those aren't things I'm searching for or things I trust. But there are other things that might be on the other side of the ridge for me. A plan, perhaps, or maybe just a destiny?

Perhaps Lady Luck will defeat Murphy's current streak and things will change?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


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