Drinking? Who, Me?

Surely not!

[sarcasm] Certainly in celebration of the end of my mother's school term and her birthday combined, we would not, as a family, have consumed enough alcohol to float a small armada of ships and currently be not only hysterically exhausted from our long last day, but also wired up from the joy of knowing that it's over, and laughing almost maniacally from all the funny things that happened today.

Quote of the evening: "Alright, it's set to a quarter past 'til."

Now that is funny.

G'night world. When I awake at 6:10 tomorrow to help prepare for the day, I'll probably be pissed at you. Shrug it off please, I'll be ok later.

Bleary Eyed Update and commentary

(6:50 AM)

Now here's an interesting little something. Other people get drunk, get hold of their cell phones, and call old girlfriends and profess their never-ending love for them, and explain how much they miss them by weeping into their voice mail.

Me? In a fit of stupid, last night I allowed myself near my e-mail account (what am I, retarded? I know better than that), and the message (which I just pulled up and read) was actually relatively normal. It was written to a friend reminding her of some past adventures now over and gone. Atraveling buddy, An ex-fling-flame, etc, and the worst line, just before my own name?

"Guess I miss you a little bit, [nickname]. Dream a dream for me.

- Patrick"

Amazing. I get blazed enough to think it's safe to write e-mail to a friend and flirt I knew back-in-the-day, and instead of some huge painful soul-bearing, I admit to just a tiny, nostalgic, twinge of feeling.


Guess I don't have to worry about slurred professions of undying affection left in some girl's Verizon voicemail box ever coming back to haunt me.

That's a relief.

Monday, May 16, 2005


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