Stars and Scars.

I'm back.

I guess I should say "I'm home" but it doesn't really feel like home. It feels like "a house".

So I'm just back, instead.

I've been in it for two days now though, and that's good. The Road is basically completed, content wise, and it's just editing and moderate updates now.

I've got about 40,000 words of text to edit and one more update to make though.

And in this space? Expect to see some more fiction, more essays, and less about me. I'm tossing around the idea of really putting some effort into the writing angle, and I'm still very unsure. So this will probably become my playground for short stories and so on.

Some of it, I'll hope you enjoy. Some of it, I'll hope you don't. It should be an interesting couple months, anyway we look at it.

P.s. I know it is sad and sick and depressing, but to me this is just fucking hysterical.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


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