Moving Fast.

I'm back again. Been back for about 18 hours now. Trying to sort some things out and prep for all the work I'll be doing this month. It'll be a busy one, that is for sure.

I'm going to Macon this weekend. People to see, faces to recall from the depths of memory. Only a handful though. Most of the Mercerians are already gone and the rest will follow soon, because their finals end tomorrow. I'm going for graduation. Should be interesting.

Then I've got to run down a highschooler and attempt to salve the wounds my mother inadvertently caused by quoting me at the wrong time. Shit.

It's a nice guy instinct that I suppose I could surpress. Let them think I don't like them. Let her think I despise her. What do I care? But I'm not quite that heartless yet I guess. Perhaps I need to go back to work on my heartlessness, and stamp out these last few kindhearted impulses.

It certainly would be less risky. . .

Monday, May 09, 2005


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