A little bit of history.

As you remember, I talked yesterday about being a Star Wars geek.

As some of you might remember, the first of this new trilogy was released on May 19th, 1999.

Back in high school, a couple of months before some friends of mine and I attended E1 in costume (yes, we were geeks) I tossed my theories about the plot (based on my watching the trailer and some technical reports--I hadn't read the spoilers) in a text file.

6 years , three computer systems and four hard disks later, I ran across that text file today. The "modified" date is still Wednesday, March 17, 1999, 12:29:12 PM.

So here you go. My speculations, at the age of 16, about the possible plot of Episode I, and the movies that follow (they're kindof tossed in together).

For the record, no-one knew Darth Sidious' name yet, and the SW community of the time had simply called him "Darth Saul" to make clear that he was Sith and was Maul's master.

Anakin Skywalker:
Must leave home planet and travel along with two Jedi lords, one, Obi-wan-kenobi the other, I don't know. Will eventually submit and train under Darth Saul. . . After DS has defeated the other Jedi. . . probably to the death.

Obi-wan. Must teach and bring up Anakin, will eventually fight against him, though this supposedly occurs on Tatooine, I think it might be changed in location for the movie.

Jedi #2, will council that Obi Wan takes Anakin to train under Yoda, but will be brushed off. Will help with the princess whats-her-name's war. . . Will probably die a grisly death at the hands of Darth Maul.

Princess (I forgot her name): will probably (at a guess) be the eventual object of Anakins Affection. For the first movie though, her part is limited to that of graceful if naive politician, fighting to keep her home planet of something or other from being attacked and invaded by who? Good question, but I think I know the answer >:-)

and thus comes the plot.

Darth Maul and the emperor. Darth Maul (killed by the emperor, at a guess) is on a mission for Palpatine, (but of course, quietly, to the public eye, Darth Maul is the evil invader, and palpatine is just another senator.) of course Palpatine's reason for having Darth Saul under his control is to have this one planet become the center of focus for the galaxy, and the evil and slow way in which the republic handles it will open a way for Palpatine to take control. He will assume military dictatorship while claiming to "help" whatever this planet is. The only thing standing in his way are the Jedi. My Question is really what happens to the rest of the Jedi? He must in this movie, do something to get rid of them. . . force them to scatter. Also, where does Maul meet his end? I would imagine at the hands of the emperor, but perhaps one of the Jedi offs him.

Part of the plan is to kill off the princess, thus causing an uproar that allows the Republic to take military action against the invaders. The uproar allows Palpatine to figurehead the movement, and moves him to power.
I imagine that Anakin plays a remarkably small part in it, perhaps flying for the 'good guys' but I doubt, really doing a lot. that part comes in the second or third movies. After he has married and had two children. Also a conundrum. . . who is the mother? I will not speculate here, suffice it to say Anakin is sufficiently young that he will not be turned in this movie. The next will hold the beginnings of that.

aside from those comments, I have others, but I don't think they will all turn out.

I'm not sure why that matters to any of you readers, but maybe you'll at least find it moderately entertaining which speculations I got right (and which I got wrong) all these years later.

Friday, May 27, 2005


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