Quick news.


-I got a letter from Jamey. He's one of my real-life heros.

-KC is homesick! Maybe Adrienne and I will be going to see her soon. I don't know. (crosses fingers).

-I'm updating the logs quickly and still doing some background work on the template (you won't notice many changes, sorry). The archives will be updated more, maybe tomorrow.

-We have live music from John Bull and the Polyester Playboys at work tonight! Whoohoo! So Fat Tuesday should be fun.

- I got a 46% in the Southern Dialect Quiz. So I guess I'm almost a Yankee. This is why everybody asks me where I'm from.

-Parents are out of town and I'm home alone. Which means I'll be eating too many brownies and not getting as much work on my room done as I should.

-Shame on me.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


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