They Tried to Bury Us

Beneath worry.  And Fear.

Beneath the spectre of "TERRORISM!" and the housing collapse.

Beneath dying alone and loveless marriages.

Beneath the problems with "kids these days" and the terrible policies of baby boomers.

They tried to bury us beneath trans fats and gluten and meat being murder and high-protein diets being the secret key to health.

They tried to bury us beneath a flood of information and a famine of love.

They tried to bury us beneath the evening news and the morning edition.

They tried to bury us beneath talking heads and pundits and poll numbers and lies.

So many lies.

But down here in the soil of Techno-Americana there is so much more than just shit.

There is Wikipedia for knowledge and John Oliver for sardonic laughter and Instagram for images of love from far away.

There is Facebook for friendship and text messages for a quick hello and there are dime-a-dozen dreams of people you could be pouring each night into your mind--whether it's through Netflix or the library doesn't matter anymore.  There is Pandora for a record player and coffee for the sleepyhead and kindness for a stranger on the subway and a one-word offer of "kisses?" for the girl that caught your eye on the dance floor.

We can use these wires to bind, or we can use them to bond.

We can smother in this mound of bullshit, or we can blossom.

They tried to bury us.

They didn't know we were seeds.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014