Silver Linings and Lemonade

After a month of social obligation after social obligation I finally broke into the gap I had reserved for myself this weekend.

Thank the Maker for that.  A day and a half of rest, a little good good conversation, and some elbow grease later, my yard is clean(er), Rapture works as a stereo again--even better than before, and I know most of the steps to take to install my gutter tomorrow.

I forget sometimes that I have to isolate myself to function.  Then I break down and drag my feet and stare around me wild-eyed--driven into a panic by my own lethargy.  That was the state I was in 8 days ago.

I've been coasting since then--recovering slowly through time spent exercising, retreating from the world, and talking to the people that currently intrigue me.

After canceling all my Friday plans, and halving my obligations for tonight, I finally hit a point where the pressure vented and I felt like I could function again.   I did a little bit of wiring, fixed a few things that were broken, and found my center was less destabilized than I had thought.

It is good to be alone.  It is good to relate to others on your own terms sometimes.

These are simple lessons, but it seems I have to learn them more than once.

It's all uphill from here, but for the first time in several months, I feel like can handle the climb.

Saturday, November 01, 2014