Renovations and Revelations.

Ok, so the main reason I'm updating is because I'm supposed to do so.

I'm reworking my room. All the posters, miscelaneous comics, and oddball designs that covered my walls from high school are coming down. The new decor will be an attempt at sort of vintage advertising firm office, complete with old Orangina and Martini & Rossi posters, Prints of 1930s/40s artwork, and so on. Annoyingly, the furniture (which is all built into the room) won't match the new style at all. But I'll live with that, I think.

First I've got to paint the room and mud/finish the cieling (a dog fell through my ceiling about 3 years ago, it's a long story).

In any case, it's time for me to go. I've got tutoring to do, then some shopping, and then work.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


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