Predictions of a Dream.

Stupid Diaryland.

Again, the update lock-out delays me just long enough to make my entry little more than a trite apology.

So I'm thinking about starting a weblog.

No, not this one, you nuts.

I mean a real one. More like a news collection for a specific topic. It's already got a snazzy name and sections and I think it'd even inlude entertainment media (short story fiction, comics, etc.) as well as news articles.

Now if I can just get off my ass and start working on it.

Also, I'm terrified that I'll get it up and running, then have it brought to its knees when I inevitably get Slashdotted.

(why would I get slashdotted? well, it's right up one of their alleys).

Friday, December 03, 2004


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